BONUS Addendum IX and X

This book is an addendum, a supplement to my sixth book Our Inner Limits. There are a total of ten addenda, four in Dutch and six in English. The English addenda are not direct translations of the Dutch addenda. On LinkedIn I often respond to English posts in English. Sometimes I translate them into Dutch, but they also stand alone. The same applies the other way around: sometimes I translate a Dutch post into English, sometimes not. So, if you speak the English language – and who doesn’t in the Netherlands – and if you want to be completely informed, read all ten. (If you don’t master the Dutch language, I’m glad I am able to offer you six English addenda. The gist of my message is just the same).

Each of the ten addenda is the size of an average management book, between 30,000 and 40,000 words. The layout is like a complete book, so if you prefer to read on paper, you can easily submit the PDF as a print file to a print shop and voilà, you have a physical book in your hands, easy peasy.

The 800 posts were written from October 2022 through February 2024. All posts are presented in more or less chronological order and even though I present them in the form of a book, it is still a relatively loose collection of stories, insights and reflections. So don’t be surprised by repetition and progressive insight. For a more structured foundation of my view on the coexistence and collaborating of the human species, I recommend that you read my book first or check out the website, which acts as a management summary to my book.


BONUS Addendum IX – The Next Step: Collapse Awareness

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Our Inner Limits by Bart Flos – BONUS – Addendum IX – The Next Step – Collapse Awareness – V_5

BONUS Addendum X – The Last Resort: Collapse Acceptance

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Our Inner Limits by Bart Flos – BONUS – Addendum X – The Last Resort – Collapse Acceptance- V_5