Blurb ‘Our Inner Limits’

Blurb of ‘Our Inner Limits – On the Unbending Barriers of Being’

Please allow me to introduce: Professor Pels is a scientist and proponent of rational discourse. He embraces nuance and bases his work on observation, research, facts and evidence. Mr. Luis, on the other hand, mainly lets his gut feelings speak. He always tells it like it is, straight from the heart and straight to the point.

What would happen if we pitted the two against each other to discuss the state of the world? About how we live and work together. That we constantly encounter barriers to progress. That division and inequality is increasing. That economy comes before ecology. And that we can now see the destructive consequences for the environment, biodiversity and climate everywhere on our planet.

– Prof. Pels: ‘So you claim that we have no chance of surviving in the long term, that we are doomed to collapse. That’s a bit too short-sighted for me. I believe that it is not yet too late, that there are still opportunities and possibilities.’
– Mr. Luis: ‘Go right ahead, sir. As long as I can say what it réally means.’
– Prof. Pels: ‘Fine with me. Let’s agree that you will keep me on my toes while I put people, our organizations and ultimately the entire human civilization under a magnifying glass.’
– Mr. Luis: ‘Whatever you want. But I will defend my position with all my heart and soul.”
– Prof. Pels: ‘And I will mine. I suggest we at least start at the beginning.’
Which of these two gentlemen will be right in the end, do you think?

In Our Inner Limits, author, speaker and change specialist Bart Flos assembles and compiles all his previous work. Because whether it concerns an individual, group, society or suprasystem, we see deep traces everywhere with the same signature: that of the social group primate and hunter-gatherer Homo sapiens. Are we able to break through the rigid barriers of our existence? We will see.

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