In 2015, author, speaker and change specialist Bart Flos published his fifth book, Vooruitkijken voor gevorderden (‘Futurology for Fanatics’). In this book he paints a hopeful picture of the limitless possibilities of the human species Homo sapiens to shape its own future.

Fast forward to 2022

Since the publication of that book, things have quickly gotten out of hand with the environment, biodiversity and climate. It prompted Flos to write his sixth book: De mens als grens (‘Our Inner Limits’). It was much less hopeful as a plea, unfortunately, but it still contained solutions to turn the tide.

Fast forward to 2023

“After the publication of Our Inner Limits, I could not have imagined how quickly things would get so much worse. The year 2023 is the year that we passed the ‘elbow’ of the exponential curve. What we are left with now is chaos and unpredictability. I wrote more than 600 posts about it and I didn’t want them to get lost in the endless timelines of social media,” says Flos.

This is one of the eight addenda to Our Inner Limits, in which Flos’s posts are included in book form. It takes you on a head-on confrontational journey from ignorance via climate change to overconsumption and collapse. We will break the last ultimate taboo together: daring to say that we have waited too long, that it is now too late and that we will have to passively suffer the consequences of our destructive collective behavior as a human species.